Chapter 15


Highway 401

Pepe was right in that the old Chevy was not the Mercedes.  The numbing hum of the engine muted out all else in the car.  Pepe was also right that Cameron had always put himself close to trouble, inviting trouble by daring convention.  Few Americans join the French Foreign Legion and Cameron had been one of them.

Apart from French officers, only a quarter of the ranks of the French Foreign Legion are French, the rest are foreign nationals from countries such as Bosnia, Germany, England, and even the United States of America.  Though the romantic idea of adventure seeking may have an underlying truth for some and the idea of running from something appealing to others, the harsh realities of the Legion are for elite professional soldiers signing on for the esprit de corps unique to the Legion or for the chance of citizenship awarded after five years of service.

During candidate selection in Aubagne, Cameron pushed for a position in Corsica, home of the elite Second Foreign Parachute Regiment.  That merely to try out for the elite unit meant signing a longer hitch in the Legion with no guarantee of being accepted in the regiment was of no consequence to Cameron.  The training almost killed Cameron, still he landed a dragon badge, and if he was looking for trouble there was no shortage during his time as a commando.

Marie and Nicole were both asleep before they escaped the lights of the Montreal.  Cameron tilted the rearview mirror to check on Nicole.  She was sunk down in the back seat, her head impossibly tilted against the armrest.

Gazing at the young woman, barely a woman, sleeping in the back seat Cameron knew he was far removed from the covert operations of his days as a soldier.  Those years and that life were put behind him when he moved to New York and opened the Le Dragon Vert with Claude where he would become known as the Dragon Chef.

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