Chapter 15



This was a new kind of trouble and Cameron was not sure that he understood.  He asked himself why were these people after such a sweet young woman?  What kind of treasure could be driving such madness?  And the Rex Mundi themselves, why had he not heard of them before?  Cameron thought back, maybe he had confronted the Rex Mundi under another name, another guise.  He certainly performed many missions against questionable shadowy groups and clandestine men.  Cameron himself was not alien to the fervor of cult mentality.  ‘Viva Legionne’, ‘The Legion is our strength’.  Cameron had accepted his role some would call mercenary and never wasted a moment on the moral hazards of his actions.  To dwell on the morality of his actions, to question his orders, Cameron never saw the point.  Cameron always believed he was fighting the good fight.  He felt that way now.  Cameron knew in his heart that he was one of the good guys.  To Cameron that meant that if the Rex Mundi were fighting the bad fight, they were the bad guys.  Though Cameron may have left the Legion, he felt as compelled now as ever to fight the good fight, to defeat the bad guys like the Rex Mundi, that much remained the same.

* About four hours out of Montreal, Cameron saw an exit for Highway 25.  He turned off the freeway and drove south.  Marie stirred and then woke under the streetlamps of a small town main street.  She had awoken several times over the passed few hours, never quite comfortable enough to stay asleep.  Neither Marie nor Nicole had asked to stop, Cameron was thankful for that. “Where are we?” asked Marie.

“The sign said Colborne.  We’re getting close,” said Cameron.  He handed Marie the scrap of paper containing the directions and she helped navigate the next few miles of short turns and dirt roads.

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