Chapter 15



Marie could not easily make out Pepe’s notes.  She held the paper down by the light of the ashtray and tried to decipher the last few scrawls.  Cameron put his finger on the paper and pointed at a small straight line, “I believe that is a ‘L’ meaning left,” said Cameron.

“Then why is it not like the others?”

Cameron moved his finger back to the line above to see what was written.

“Look out!” yelled Marie.

Cameron looked up to see two golden eyes above the road before them, flying toward the car.  Cameron hit the brake and the back of the car slightly fishtailed, stopping in front of a large deer standing in the middle of the road.  The deer looked across the road, back at he car, back across the road, and then sauntered away.

“Whew,” said Cameron, “That will get your heart pumping.”

“Nicole,” said Marie.  She turned to the backseat.

“She is still sleeping,” said Cameron, “didn’t even flinch.”

Marie put the paper back under the dashboard light, “So, the next turn is a left, I think.”

Cameron drove slower and let his eyes sneak out into the woods in search of any other creatures that may decide to traverse their path.  Soon they made the last of the turns and came to the entrance of a two-track trail.

The cabin appeared as a brown wall at the end of the two-track.  Cameron turned off the engine and left the headlights on.  The engine terminated to a sudden stillness.  Cameron sat in the quiet, feeling numb.  His eyes were glazed and he wanted a shower.  Nicole, still half asleep, leaned forward.

“We’re here,” said Marie.

The car doors opened to a sweet rush of cool air.  The sound of Lake Ontario crashing upon the shore echoed through the trees around them.  They had not seen Lake Ontario from the main road and the lake remained hidden from view.

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