Chapter 15



Cameron got out of the car then went to the cabin door.  The key on the ring slid in easily.  He stepped back to the car and killed the headlights.

The cabin was backlit to the moonlight flooding the trees on either side.

“Ok,” said Cameron.  “Let’s head in.”

“Can we see the moon first?” asked Nicole.

“Why not,” said Cameron.

The three walked toward the lunar light at the side of the cabin.  Turning the corner, they were instantly struck with a large waning moon floating above the sea of Lake Ontario.  In front of the lake, the crashing ebbs were clearer, louder, and the light breeze was moist against their cheeks.

“It’s beautiful,” said Nicole, “it’s like an ocean.”

“Yeah, it’s one of God’s amazing creations,” said Cameron.

“But it’s not,” said Nicole, and she turned back toward the door of the cabin.

* * * * *

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