Chapter 16


Lake Ontario

Their arrival to the cabin invigorated them.  The southern glass framed wall that faced Lake Ontario stood the two stories of the shaker frame, the bedrooms recessed on the balconied second floor above the kitchen.  The hearth sat on the sidewall, the large stone chimney dwarfing the room.  Cameron had a secret dread that a large stuffed bust may be mounted on a wall or that a bearskin may drape the balcony, neither was the case.

The cabin was only remote in the sense the property was away from the highway.  The cabin was still connected to the grid.  The lights flicked on with the switch.  The natural gas stored in the large tank out by the shed would need to be turned on for hot water and cooking.  Cameron turned the gas on as Pepe had instructed while Marie and Nicole prepared the bedrooms upstairs.

When Cameron yelled up to tell them that the gas had been turned on he found Marie and Nicole were already at work washing away the last few days travel.

Cameron opened the fireplace flue and quickly prepared a fire with some of the chopped wood that was stacked neatly along the stonewall.  The dried wood ignited without much effort.  Cameron placed some larger pieces over the flame and then went into the kitchen.

The pantry consisted of a small walk-in area off the kitchen with shelves lining three walls top to bottom.  Cameron pulled the weighted string that hovered in the center of the room illuminating the bare bulb attached to the end.  The dried food goods were shelved in an orderly fashion.  Grains and pastas filled an entire shelf, large cans and bottles of juice and water lined the top, and an array of canned goods covered the bottom shelves.  Considering Marie and Nicole’s dietary restrictions the choices were ample.  He took down some pasta and olive oil and found cans of tomatoes, potatoes, white beans, and spinach.  He took them over to the counter and then opened the large cupboard door where he thought he would find pots and pans.  Cameron was right, they were inside, plus an item he did not expect.  A large mustard yellow clay cone capping a matching pot sat centered on the front of the shelf.  Cameron had forgotten Pepe’s adoration for Moroccan cuisine.  That there would be a tagine in Pepe’s cupboard should have been no surprise.

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