Chapter 16



Marie and Nicole both clapped.

“Mister Kincaid,” said Nicole, “this looks amazing.”

When Cameron took his seat, Marie raised her glass to him, “To the chef.”

“Thank you,” said Cameron, accepting the toast.

“Pain frais, how nice,” said Nicole.

“How were you able to bake bread so fast?” asked Marie.

“It’s a trick I learned in the Legion.  It is soda bread,” Cameron wagged his finger from side to side,  “no yeast.”

“And you had everything you needed?”

“Yeah sure.  It is essentially just vinegar, water, flour, and baking soda of course.”

“Baking soude?”

“Bicarbonate de soude.”

“Marvelous,” said Marie.

“Don’t be so sure, though I guarantee it’s better then pain de guerre, if you have ever had it.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.”

“Ce qui est du pain de guerre, Mister Kincaid?” asked Nicole.

“Pain de guerre, war bread, was something I ate a few times a day for the first few years of my hitch in the Legion.  It’s very nutritious,” Cameron looked above the table, his face crumpled, “but hard as a rock and tastes,” he moved his jaw around pretending to chew, “like paper Mache might taste.”  He stuck his tongue out and curled his lips up.  Cameron then smiled and broke off a piece of the soda bread.  “Claude taught me how to make this.  It’s simple, but better.”

“Hard as rock, how could you eat it?”  Nicole shook her head.

“Well, the Legion is French.  We got rations of wine and brandy when they were available.  That helped.”

* * * * *

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