Chapter 17



Cameron continued, “I guess it was at that time that Claude learned to cook for himself.  He had some training before the Legion and a natural skill.  He became very popular to those around him for having the ability to turn the rations into something great.”

“And he taught you this?”

“Not right away.  He did not want much to do with me at first.”

“What changed that?”

“I saved his life.”

Marie curled her leg under her.  She unfastened the tightly wrapped towel from her head and let her auburn hair fall in front of her.  Cameron continued his story with his eyes locked on her.  The way she naturally ran her fingers through her hair was so innocent, wholesome, and pure.  When Marie lifted her head back to him her face glowed faintly in the firelight.  Her eyes twinkled.  “So you got his attention,” said Marie.

“Yes, you could say that.  He opened up and we became close.”  Cameron paused and then said, “His mentorship saved my life many times in return.”  He took a sip of wine.  “Ultimately, it was he that convinced me to leave the Legion with him, to learn to cook professionally, and to partner in Le Dragon Vert, our restaurant in New York.”

“You don’t think you would have done that without him, became a chef I mean.”

“I don’t know.  Claude said I had a je ne sais quoi, that led to a charmed life.”

“I could see that,” said Marie.


“You are a very interesting man, Mister Kincaid.”

Marie’s eyes were inviting and her lips full.  Cameron leaned toward her, “I told you, call me Cameron.”  He placed his lips against hers and kissed her.  Marie responded by reaching around his shoulders and pulling him closer.  The kiss was long and the two embraced tightly.  Then Marie pulled her head away, “Mister Kincaid.”

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