Chapter 17



Cameron looked into her eyes, “Cameron,” said Cameron again.

“Mister Kincaid,” said Marie, slowly shaking her head to either side, “I can not.”

“I understand,” said Cameron.  He let his arms fall from her sides.

A clanging of metal came from outside of the cabin where the Chevy was parked.  Cameron and Marie sat upright.  The P226 had been left upstairs.  Cameron took the stairs two at a time and secured the handgun from the bureau drawer in the bedroom he had chosen for his own.  He released the safety, pulled the slide back to cock the handgun, and then went back downstairs.  Marie was on the edge of the couch with her hands on the inside of her knees.  Marie saw the handgun and started to speak, Cameron threw his finger up to his lips.  There was another clang.  Cameron took his finger from in front of his lips and pointed toward the huge windowed wall and the glass door within that opened on to the deck over looking the lake.  He then walked his middle and index fingers in a semi circle.  Marie nodded.  Cameron pointed at Marie, spread his hand flat, and slowly pressed his palm down through the air.

Cameron lifted the P226 to a line of fire and turned the latch of the glass door.  The glass door opened silently.  A light breeze, cool from the lake, whisked passed the side of his face.  He placed a bare foot on the deck, testing the wood for sound.  The boards did not creak.

The deck was cold on his bare feet.

Slowly Cameron made his way to the edge of the deck.  He knew that when he turned the corner, whoever was at the other end of the cabin would have the advantage of seeing him in silhouette against the lake.  He decided his only advantage would be surprise.  Cameron counted to three and on three lunged around the corner, P226 ready to fire.  He saw no one.  Stars filled the sky above the trees that hid all below them in shadow.  In the moonlit yard between the trees and the cabin no form or shadow moved.  At the back of the cabin, around the side that Cameron could not yet see, the disturbance to the stillness continued.  His body cant and both arms fully bent, Cameron made quick measured steps to the next corner.  Cameron counted to three again and then on three hurled himself around the corner into a ready firing position.

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