Chapter 18


Lake Ontario

The aroma of fresh brewed coffee and the soft sounds of Mozart flowed to Cameron’s bedside from the great room below.  Cameron was quick to his feet, relaxed and refreshed.  He had been barely a moment between the soft mattress and duvet before falling deep into sleep.  If he dreamt, the dreams were fleeting.  His only sense had been that his breath was heavy.

Cameron slipped on his pants and shirt, stepped out the balcony in front of his bedroom, rested both hands on the rail, and looked out onto the lake.  Lake Ontario’s dark waters from the night before were now cool blue and the far off horizon cut a fine line below a peach ribbon of morning light.  Below Cameron saw Nicole poking at the fire.  Orange embers burst and snapped around the small logs in the hearth with each jab of the iron rod.  Holding a cup of coffee Marie walked to the large windowed wall from the kitchen beneath the balcony to admire the morning light on the lake.

Marie sipped from her coffee and walked to Nicole.  Above Nicole, Marie noticed Cameron on the balcony.

“Good morning,” said Marie.

Nicole, still crouched before the fire, lifted her head up, “Good Morning Mister Kincaid.”

“Good Morning,” said Cameron.  He reached up and ran his fingers through his mussed hair, loosely scratching his scalp.  He was glad to see the women in good spirits.  Toronto, and what the visit to the city would mean for them, moved to the front of his mind.

* * * * *