Chapter 19



“What is that tower?”

“That is the CN tower,” said Cameron, “a national landmark.”


“Canadian National Tower.”

The spire on the horizon dwarfed the Toronto skyline.  The revolving restaurant brilliantly reflected the late afternoon sun and intermittently flared as they drew closer to the city.

“Is that where we are going?” asked Nicole.

Cameron looked over at Marie.  He did not have an exact destination in mind, simply Toronto.  Though Marie had begun to trust Cameron and was no longer overtly secretive, in the midst of their chaotic travel some things were still unfolding as need to know.  This did not bother Cameron and he was not put off when Marie returned his glance with a nod and answered Nicole with a, “Yes.”

“Will we be going up into the tower?”

“Yes we will,” said Marie.

“Hmm,” said Nicole.  She sat back in her seat, crossed her arms, and turned her head toward the lake.

* The way to the tower was well marked.  Without much effort, the three soon found themselves in a designated parking lot in the shadow of the tower.  Cameron switched off the engine.  After listening to the Chevy engine’s numbing roar and vibration of the tires on the highway, the silence was eerie in their absence.  He stretched his arms far in front of him interlocking his fingers.  “So,” said Cameron, adjusting the rearview mirror to see his own reflection.  His hand ran over his forehead and his fingers through his hair.  “What’s next?  I suppose we go in.” “Yes, Mister Kincaid,” said Marie.  “We will meet someone here.”

“The Perfect?  Here?”

“No, that would be too easy.  There is someone here who will direct us though.”

“Ah, a contact.”

“Yes, a contact.  They are waiting for us.”

Cameron shrugged and opened the car door.  He took the idea of meeting a contact in stride.  There had already been two rendezvous and two attempts on their lives.  Cameron pulled back the release of the P226, inspected the handgun, and then stepped out of the car.

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