Chapter 19



The three stretched when free from the Chevy.  The rest at the cabin had not been enough to fully recover from the travelling of the last few days and the morning ride added to the toll.

They made their way to the base of the tower to wait for the elevator that would take them to the restaurant.  A ticket booth stood at the end of a vacant velvet roped lane.  A small red sign next to the booth read ‘30 minutes from here’.

“What is 30 minutes from here?” asked Nicole.

“Since there is nobody else waiting it doesn’t mean anything.  If there was a line, it would take that long to get inside,” said Cameron.

“No line, do you think they are open?”

“We’re about to find out.”

Cameron thought the booth was empty.  He stepped up to the window and found a stocky Indian woman with thick glasses and a tight ponytail sitting on a stool beneath the short counter.  The woman’s back was flat against the wall and she was staring intently into a paperback held a short distance from her face.  The novel was titled ‘The Potter’s Daughter’ and there was a picture of a woman standing beneath a willow tree on the cover.  The story must have been good because the woman did not notice Cameron until he tapped the window and even then, she did not look away from the book.  The Indian woman simply said, “How many?” in a tone that was somewhere other than the small white shed where she sat.

“Three for the restaurant,” said Cameron.

Without looking up, she lifted her hand above her head to a terminal on the counter, and tapped the keyboard three times.  “Sixty-nine dollars please.”

“Just to get to the restaurant?”

She sighed, tilted her head to the terminal screen, and then slid her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

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