Chapter 20



Cameron turned to the window and tilted his head to the side,  “I have to say, that was efficient.  I have never had white swan.”

“Nor will you Mister Kincaid, the white swan has long been a symbol of the Cathar.  They have been waiting for us.”

“They, you mean they are Cathar as well?”

“In a matter of speaking.  There have always been those that help us.  The believers who adhere to the Cathar ideal but are not austere.  They do not aspire to become Perfects.”

“Like laymen?”

“We have no hierarchy as such.  The austere Cathar are Perfects and all other believers are Credentes.  The dedications of the believers range from follower and supporter of the traditions to that of austerity.  Nicole and I are Credentes.”

“Perfects and Credentes.”

Not shifting her view from the water, Nicole spoke, “Not everyone that has accepted the true belief is prepared to separate from this world.  For some it takes many lives.  They are still bon gens.”

“Good people.”

“Yes, the good people, the pure ones and those that strive to be pure.  The followers of the true faith.”

“And women, they can be either Credentes or Perfects?”

“The bon gens have always believed in female equality.  It is yet another reason for the Rex Mundi to despise us.  All souls are equal, and through their reoccurring physical manifestations may take the form of either man or woman.”

“That does not sound like equality to me,” said Cameron.

“How so?”

“I just heard you say that women are treated equally perchance they were men in their last lives, that does not sound like real equality.”

“That is not how we see it.  We see souls without gender, equal regardless of their previous manifestations.  We were the first to believe that the New Testament was for everyone, not only the church.”

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