Chapter 20



“I bet that went over well too.”

Cameron did not need to see past the swing doors into the kitchen to know there was a disturbance.  The commotion was audible to the table.  Raised whispers over raised whispers escalated.  The excitement of the kitchen staff caught the attention of the Maître d’ strolling beside a row of window tables.  Cameron saw the Maître d’ turn toward the kitchen, brow down, mouth agape, and hands spread away from his chest.  The Maître d’ was in an exchange with someone out of Cameron’s view.  The Maître d’s eyes went tight and he stepped fast into the kitchen.  The whispers died down and then the Maître d’ slid his head into view from the doorway.  He peered at the table, said something Cameron could not make out, and then moved back to the kitchen.

“Well.  You have their attention,” said Cameron.

“As we should,” said Marie.

* * * * *

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