Chapter 21



“Merci,” said Marie.  “Merci,” said Cameron and Nicole.

After Christophe left for the kitchen, Cameron put his hands on his lap.  “This food looks marvelous,” said Cameron.  “Too bad about the mushrooms, the chanterelles are a delicacy.”

Marie reached over to the stuffed mushrooms and picked one up, “Actually I prefer morels,” said Marie, and then bit into the cap.  “Yum, delicious.”

“But I thought you said…”

Nicole interrupted, “She said what she was supposed to, ordering the white swan was not enough.”

“Oh,” said Cameron.

Marie lifted the domed lid from the plate revealing an envelope pinned between small cakes.  She took the envelope, broke the wax seal, and then lifted the flap to look inside.  “The question was a secondary measure.  The information in this envelope is quite precious.  These gentlemen do not even know its contents.”

“It is the location of the Perfect.  Correct?”

“Yes.  A new envelope is sent by messenger each week and the one from the week before is destroyed by fire in the presence of at least three.”

Cameron put his fork into an olive, “And you know this because…” asked Cameron.  He put the olive into his mouth.  Nicole answered,  “Our security methods are old, simple, and efficient.  This is the way this has been done for hundreds of years.”

“But if somebody got a hold of the envelope, they would have the secret.”

Marie handed the envelope across the table, “It would mean nothing to anyone other then those sending and those for whom it is intended.  Even our friends here would not know the meaning.”

Cameron took the envelope and looked inside.  On a small card was a blue outline of a dove.  “And you know what this means?” asked Cameron.

“It means you will need a big appetite,” said Marie.


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