Chapter 22



They arrived at their next destination soon after leaving the CN Tower.  Though the distance was short enough to walk, Marie suggested they park the car a few blocks away.  After finding a public lot to park near Trinity College, they walked over to Yonge Street.

They easily found the address they were looking for.  Built some time near the beginning of the last century, the two-story building was sandwiched between two others from different eras, one more ancient, and the other no more than a decade old.  Though Yonge Street was a long established Toronto artery, Cameron could see no main architectural theme.  A few blocks toward the lake from where they stood, forty story buildings randomly shot up interspersed with two and three story buildings, an architectural potpourri.  Cameron remembered reading somewhere that Yonge Street was the longest street in the world and wondered now if a lack of continuity shouldered the curbs the entire thousand-mile length.

When they got to the building Cameron understood why Marie quipped that he may need a big appetite.  The remark had been an attempt at humor.

Across the first floor glass facade were the words ‘Thai Lotus Flower Restaurant’ in tall saffron letters above and below a sizable disk of the same color.  A lotus flower was stenciled within the disk, a simple Buddhist mandala Cameron recognized from his trips to the Far East.

The modern dining room was overdone in saffron.  Geometric shaped panels of coarse saffron fabric covered the saffron walls and cushioned benches of the same shade ran the full length of the room.  Several dark wooden tables lined the benches and a few larger round tables ran through the center of the room.  Large milky globes, giant upside down lollipops thought Cameron, hung from the ceiling in two uniformed rows, bathing the room in an even ambient light.

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