Chapter 22



The young man wrapped on a metal door in a broken rhythm, waited a second, and then repeated.  The door opened as Nicole reached the landing.  At the top of the door, a thin brass security chain kept the door from opening more than a few inches.  Near the bottom of the door, Cameron could see a heavy steel chain was also in place.  The young man rattled off something in Thai that sounded to Cameron loosely translated like ‘they have arrived’.  Cameron turned to Marie and Nicole and grinned.  The young man had developed a sudden recollection of the old language.

Through the door, they saw first a man’s forehead and then an eye briefly peek around the edge of the door.  The door then shut with a thud.  They could hear the sound of the security chain being unfastened from the door and the heavy chain below falling to the floor with a clank.  Then the door opened again, this time wide.



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