Chapter 23



Nicole closed her eyes tightly for a moment and then said, “Parcite Nobis.  For all the sins I have ever done in thought, word, and deed.  I ask pardon of God, of the Church, and of you.  Bless me lord and pray for me.  Lead us to our rightful end.”

“God bless you.  In our prayers, we ask from God to make a good Christian out of you and lead you to your rightful end.  So you are blessed.  Are you now ready young Nicole?”

“This is the life I have chosen,” said Nicole.

Cameron did not realize at that time the significance of Nicole’s answer and would later think back on the words.

“Very good then,” Ananda raised his eyes to the others, “she will want to see all of you.  Come this way.”

Ananda pulled another key from his pocket to unlock the French doors.  He pulled them open, one in each hand revealing a small kitchen.  They walked through another set of open French doors behind the kitchen then passed through a sitting room that held three cushioned chairs and another small round tapestry covered table, this one with an old television sitting on top with rabbit ear antennas.  Cameron thought the television was too old to be color and was not surprised that the cord dangling behind the table was unplugged.

The next room was lit by the daylight of an adjacent room through yet another set of French doors.  Ananda stopped short in front of these doors, one of which was opened slightly.  “I will tell her you are here,” said Ananda and then slipped into the room.  He had barely started to shut the door behind him when the three heard a warm and musical voice exclaim, “Just bring them in here.”

The door swung open and Ananda shuffled the three into a large bedroom.

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