Chapter 23



“May I present, Lady Mani and Lady Yada?”

Thin translucent curtains billowed on the far wall, barely masking the red wooden deck and top leaved branches of the maple tree in the courtyard.  The only furniture in the room was a bed, a small wooden chair, and cot on the opposite wall.  On the bed, a Thai woman sat upright on the pillows, covered to her waist by a pink blanket the hue of the pink lotus flowers sprouting from bright leafy green stems on the large water color above the bed.  Lady Mani’s long silver hair cascaded down her shoulders over her cotton gown.  Her vibrant almond eyes and warm toothy smile gave the old woman a young, giddy, sprightly appearance.  On the chair next to the bed sat Lady Yada, another silver haired woman though younger more reserved than Lady Mani, even in her smile.

Marie and Nicole dropped to their knees, bowed three times, and then chimed, “Parcite Nobis.  For all the sins, I have ever done in thought, word, and deed.  I ask pardon of God, of the Church, and of you.  Bless me lord and pray for me.  Lead us to our rightful end.”

Lady Mani responded to the two women warmly, “God bless you.  In our prayers, we ask from God to make good Christians out of you and lead you to your rightful end.”

“Come here, the three of you,” said Lady Mani.  “Unfortunately I am not moving to well.”

“She has all but begun the endura,” said Ananda.

“She has been waiting for you,” said Lady Yada.

Lady Mani sensed that Cameron did not know what ‘endura’ meant.  “That means, young man, that I will soon stop eating and drinking so that the end may come and I can return to heaven and let this life be my last.  That is the endura.”

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