Chapter 23



“I’m not sure I understand,” said Cameron.

Nicole took his hand, “Ananda and Lady Mani are Parfaits, Perfects.  They have lived many lives but the lives they live now are their last in this realm.  When they leave the these physical forms, they will leave the evil and temptation of Rex Mundi and the world he has created.”

“So you will let yourself die?”

“Oh, I am dying young one.  There is no reason to slow it now.  No worries to have, I would soon fast for forty days regardless.  My purpose is almost complete.”

Lady Yada smiled at Lady Mani.

“And Lady Yada, is she a Perfect too?”

“It is my honor to assist the Perfect,” said Lady Yada.

“As it will be mine,” said Marie.

Nicole squeezed Cameron’s hand and then walked over to the edge of the bed.

“Are you ready child?” asked Lady Mani.

“I have prepared myself Parfaite.”

“I am sure you have little one.  I myself accepted this gift when I was a bit younger than you.  I knew then that this was to be my last life.  I also thought I knew the responsibility that this gift would put upon me.  I only now know the full truth of this gift.”

“I should wish to be wise enough to learn the truth and will do my best to uphold the responsibility Parfaite.”

“I believe you will Nicole, as others have for generations.”  Lady Mani looked up at Marie and Cameron.  “I would like you to stay for the consolamentum as witnesses.  Besides,” she gazed directly to Marie, “learning of our ways will help this young man through this life.  Answer his questions, he will have many.”

“Yes, of course Parfaite,” said Marie.


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