Chapter 24


Consolamentum One

Nicole knelt away from Lady Mani as Lady Yada eased the old woman to the edge of the bed.  Lady Mani moved her weak, thin legs from under the blanket and over the side of the bed, and then, with no small effort, pulled herself up between the headboard and Lady Yada until she stood against the wall.  Lady Mani then turned toward Nicole and smiled.

Cameron whispered to Marie, “May I ask, what is the consolamentum?”

Lady Mani looked at Marie, “Tell him dear.  The young knight deserves to know.”

Marie answered Cameron in a soft voice, “The consolamentum is our sacrament, the only sacrament of the Cathari.  It is a baptism of the Holy Spirit, a baptismal regeneration, absolution, and ordination all in one.  When one receives the sacrament, they become a Perfect.”

“Ordination, like a Priest?”

“It is more than that.  It is important to understand that our beliefs are based on the idea that love and power are incompatible.  The physical is a manifestation of power, so the physical is incompatible with love.  We are what have come to be called dualist.  We believe in two Gods, evil and good, equal and comparable in status in heaven.  The physical world is evil, created by Rex Mundi, the God of the Old Testament.  He is all that is corporeal, chaotic, and powerful.  The God of the New Testament that we worship is disincarnate.  The good God is of pure spirit and completely untainted by matter.  He is the God of love, order, and peace.  The world has been tricked that the two are the same.”

“They are different then?” asked Cameron.

“When Rex Mundi created the physical world, he trapped pure human spirits and brought them into the corruption of the physical body and world.  Death merely causes the soul to transfer to another body either human or animal,” said Marie.

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