Chapter 24



Lady Mani’s voice became soothing, “You must learn that if you would receive this Holy Prayer you must repent your sins and forgive all men.  For Our Lord Jesus Christ says, ‘If you forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Heavenly Father, forgive your trespasses.’  Hence it is meet and right that you be resolved in your heart to keep this Holy Prayer all your life according to the custom of the Church of God, in purity and truth, and in all other virtues which God would bestow upon you.  Wherefore we pray the good Lord who bestowed upon the disciples of Jesus Christ the virtue to receive this Holy Prayer steadfastly that he may grant to you also the grace to receive it steadfastly, in his honor and for your salvation.”

Lady Mani then began again recite the Lord’s Prayer and Nicole followed her line for line.  Then of the prayer Lady Mani said, “We deliver you this Holy Prayer that you may receive it of us and of God and of the Church, that you may have the power to say it all your life, day and night, alone or in company, and that you must never eat or drink without first saying it.”  With a matter of fact tone Lady Mani added, “If you omit to do so you must do penance.”

Nicole replied, “I receive it of you and of the Church.”  Then Nicole bowed at Lady Mani’s feet.

“She is giving thanks, the melhoramentum,” said Marie.

Lady Mani then three times asked Nicole, “My sister, do you desire to give yourself to our faith?” and three times Nicole answered, “yes”, each time, bowing and advancing one step.  Between each step Nicole said, “Bless me.”  To each Lady Mani replied, “God bless and keep you.”  The third time bowing Nicole added, “Lord, pray to God for me, a sinner, that he will lead me to the good end.”  Lady Mani’s response modified accordingly, “God bless you and make you a good Christian and bring you to the good end.  Do you give yourself to God and the Gospel?”

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