Chapter 25



Though he recognized the words of the first and following passages of the book of John, they now were shadowed with the beliefs of those around him.  Particularly the last line they recited, “For the law was given by Moses, grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”  Truth came by way of Jesus thought Cameron, at least what they interpreted to be the truth.

Cameron absorbed Marie’s words and listened to the final prayers for peace that Lady Mani spoke aloud to Nicole.  He tried to comprehend how the weight of being a Perfect would bear on Nicole, for the rest of her life.  He could understand the idea of living an austere life, such as a nun or a monk.  To fully comprehend what this would mean in their faith was something else.

Cameron did not have long to think.  Below the apartment, people began to yell.  There were gunshots and then more yelling.  The commotion from the first floor restaurant reflected in the faces of everyone in the room.

Ananda’s jaw slacked and he turned toward Cameron, unsure of his next action, “It is the worst.  They are here.”

* * * * *

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