Chapter 26



Cameron stopped short of the door and froze.  He listened to see if the gunmen downstairs had found their way into the small hidden room and the adjoining stairwell.  The pocket doors were not that well hidden and there were many implements in the kitchen that could be used to make someone talk.

Cameron inspected the padlock and chain again and then the room.  The chain reinforced metal door made the entry as secure as possible without rebuilding the whole wall.  The only way that anyone was getting through the door was to push through the entire doorframe and, from the sound of the assault, Cameron bet the men downstairs would figure that out sooner than later.  No doubt, the men would have explosives.  Barricading the door with the sofa could be enough of a deterrent to buy some time.

Cameron went over to the sofa and attempted to drag the heavy piece of furniture over to the door by lifting the end.  The large sofa did not budge.  On closer inspection, Cameron realized the heavy sofa was a sofa bed.  That would make sense, he had not seen a bed for Ananda, and was pretty sure that the cot in the bedroom was Lady Yada’s.  The heavier the better, Cameron had to quickly find a way to get the oversized sofa away from the window to the front of the door.

As an elite legionnaire, Cameron was required to use his mind and his body.  Sometimes brawn was all that was necessary.  He went over to the far end of the sofa and set his P226 on the floor.  Cameron lay on his back, contracting his body tightly to fit in the space between the sofa and the wall.  His feet pressed firmly on the wall and his shoulders up against the sofa, Cameron pushed his legs and shoulders away from each other with all of his force.  His muscles tensed, bulged, and turned to tight bricks.  He could feel his face flush and he let out a growl, exerting his will into his shoulders over the strength of his body.  Slowly the sofa began to slide behind him toward the door.  The wooden legs squealed as they scraped across the wooden floor.  When his growl had used all of the air his lungs held, the movement stopped.  Sweat was beading on his face and his legs and shoulders were on fire.  Before Cameron’s momentum was lost, he pulled in a chest full of air through his clenched teeth and let out another explosive growl as he extended his legs from his body in a fluid thrust.  Then Cameron had met his limit.  He could push himself no farther from the wall.

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