Chapter 26



Cameron rolled over onto his hands and knees and looked down the length of the sofa, still too far from the door.  The sofa would need to be no more than a hands length from the metal door form a proper barricade.  Time was running out to restrict the door from opening enough to stop someone from entering.  There was more yelling and then automatic weapons fire.  The yelling stopped instantly and was followed by a crash that came more from behind the door downstairs.  The gunmen were at the bottom of the stairwell.  They would not take that much longer to get up the stairs.  The sofa only needed to be moved a little farther to make a difference.

Cameron scanned the room perchance he had missed something.  The only other piece of furniture in the room was the table.  Cameron’s blood coursed through him in the terrible rhythm of his heart beat, intoxicating him with adrenalin.  Cameron pushed himself to be focused, mindful of his surroundings, and fully aware of every opportunity and alternative.  Of course, the table was the right size.  He raised himself up onto his knees, wrapped his hands around the single long leg and then pulled the table down toward him.  The red sash lamp and the Buddha statue fell to the floor.  Cameron pushed the tri-stand against the wall and squeezed himself between the tabletop and the sofa.  Again, he clenched his teeth and let roll a growl.  The position was to his advantage.  This time the sofa moved quickly behind him.  The tabletop crackled against his feet as the sofa slid against the door in one swift motion.

Satisfied, Cameron again rolled over to his knees, swiped his hands together, and then picked up his P226 and stood.  No sooner was he on his feet then the handle of the door began to jiggle.  In his own commotion, Cameron had not heard them come up the stairs.  Without pulling the drapes back, he looked down on the street.  On the street in front of the restaurant were two black Cadillac Escalades and outside of each stood an armed man wearing a sport coat and dark sunglasses.  On busy Yonge Street, the Escalades and these professional gunmen did not turn any heads.

* * * * *

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