Chapter 27



The thudding stopped.

“Why have they stopped,” asked Nicole.

“That was quicker than I thought,” said Cameron.

Marie looked to the front of the apartment, “You think they have given up already?”

“Oh, they haven’t given up.  They just moved to plan B a lot sooner than I thought they would.  We have to move now.”

Cameron opened the door, looked down through the boards and then out to the rail.  He sized up the distance and launched himself out the door.  His first step landed mid-deck and propelled him forward to the rail, which he grabbed with both hands, still holding the P226.  Using his momentum Cameron hurled himself over the rail and down onto the gunman below.  The gunman heard Cameron’s footfall above him and looked up toward the center of the deck.  When the gunman realized that Cameron was falling toward him he was too slow to react.  The gunman tried to bring his rifle up to block Cameron, sabotaging himself in the process.  Cameron’s feet pushed the rifle into the gunman’s skull knocking him unconscious before he hit the ground.  The blow pushed Cameron back farther than he had intended so he improvised a somersault and finished on one knee, his P226 pointed at the back door of the kitchen.

Cameron could see the kitchen through the closed screen door.  There was no movement or sound coming from the bright white room.

Cameron looked at the stairs to his right.  Nicole and Marie were waiting at the top holding Lady Mani between them.  Lady Yada and Ananda leaned over the railing right behind the other three.  Cameron put a finger across his lips and waved them down.  He raised himself off his knee, his eyes peering through the door into the kitchen.  When the others had joined Cameron he asked Ananda in a whisper,  “Is there another way out of this courtyard?”

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