Chapter 27



Ananda shook his head pointed at the screen door,  “Through there.”

“Ok then, everyone stay close.”

Cameron kept his gun leveled at the doorway as he closed in on the screen.  He kneeled next to the gunman, unconscious and bleeding on the cement pad, and pulled up the rifle from under the gunman’s arm.  “Put this in that trash can,” said Cameron.  He handed the rifle to Ananda.  Ananda held the rifle at arms length, walked to the trashcan, and deposited the assault weapon as quickly and silently as he could.

Cameron began to step toward the door when he noticed something reflecting the light from near the gunman’s waist.  Cameron knelt down again and felt toward the object with his fingertips, keeping his eyes on the door.  When his fingers found their mark, he wrapped his hand around the object and pulled up a long metal dagger, the same as the one he took off from the assassin in New York.  Cameron slipped the dagger into inside pocket next to the first and then went to the screen door.

Gently Cameron pressed two fingers against the screen and pushed to the side.  The screen door opened silently.

Cameron was ready.  He would not need to think to shoot.

No one was there to challenge him.  The kitchen was empty.  Slowly they made their way into the room.  The burners were still on, heating skillets and boiling pots.  On the grill, vegetables cooked untended.  A few more steps and they were almost to the pocket door of the small room leading to the stairwell.  Cameron was about ready to peek in when he heard a voice from inside the door.  “This will be quick,” said the voice.  “See, he’s finished.”  Cameron stopped and lifted his hand flat palmed to signal the others to do the same.  There were rapid footsteps coming down the wooden stairs, someone running down the steps.  Cameron placed the P226 eye level at the edge of the doorframe.  If anyone stepped out the doorway of the stairwell, they were finished.  Cameron placed his other hand over the one holding the gun to fortify his imminent shot.  No one came out of the door.  Another voice, different from the first yelled, “Get ready!”

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