Chapter 27



A thunderous blast came from above them.  Plaster dust misted from the ceiling.  Plan B had been to blow the metal door.

Immediately after the concussion, the sound of quick creaking steps thumped from inside the doorway.  The gunmen were rushing upstairs toward what was left of the metal door.

Cameron was curious as to whether the explosion was enough to push the heavy sofa from behind the door.  He did not care enough to stay around to find out.  In a fluid motion, Cameron took two quick steps toward the doorway and spun to target anyone unfortunate enough to be standing there.  The small room was empty, everyone that was there a moment before was now getting, or trying to get, into the apartment upstairs.

Cameron pivoted toward the door to the dining room, and as he spun the corner of his eye caught site of something on the floor.  Lady Yada gasped.  The young man in the shiny blue suit was face down on the floor, the back of his shiny blue jacket now maroon and dotted with dark red holes.  The young man was the person Cameron heard the gunmen interrogating.

Cameron had not doubted these invaders meant business.  He was now able to see the business they were in.

* * * * *

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