Chapter 28



Cameron peered quickly out the small porthole window of dining room door to see what they were up against and then quickly pulled his head back.  A lone gunman, wearing a sport coat and sunglasses, stood inside the dining room with his back to the kitchen door.  The gunman was much taller than Cameron and would be the only resistance until they were outside where at least two more gunmen waited.

“What is out there?” asked Marie, “Are they dead?”

“No.  The kitchen staff is seated at the tables with the customers.  Everyone looks a little shaken up.”

Above them, the thudding started again, this time in short bursts.  Cameron was pleased the sofa was causing them delay.

“So we can walk out?”

“Hardly, wait here a second.  I don’t want to make a scene out of this.”

Cameron pushed open the door, getting the attention of the tall gunman standing guard, though not before Cameron had his P226 pressed into the middle of the gunman’s back.  Cameron placed his other hand up on the gunman’s shoulder, “Ease back big fella.  No need to upset anybody more than we have too.”

The gunman said nothing and let Cameron pull him backwards through the kitchen door.  The others had lost looks on their faces.  The giant in the sport coat dwarfed Cameron, not a small man himself.

“Ok, big fella, raise your hands,” said Cameron.  He reached around to the front of the gunman, grabbed the rifle out of his hands, and tossed the weapon over the counter.  Cameron then reached around again and took a heavy .357 from inside the gunman’s jacket.  He tucked the handgun into his own waist.

The gunman started to slowly turn toward Cameron, his hands still raised.  “Hold on,” said Cameron.

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