Chapter 28



With his hand to the side of the gunman’s chest, Cameron eased the big man around.  He frisked the sides of the man’s jacket.  He felt something on the man’s side, pushed him back, and reached again into the man’s jacket.  From a sheath on the gunman’s chest, Cameron pulled another dagger.  “Nice,” said Cameron, “I’m collecting these.”

“Fine, take it,” said the gunman.  He did not lower his hands.  He gave the group a sickly smile.  “There is no way you will make it out of here.  I will have it back soon enough.”

With a lightening blow, Cameron brought the grip of the P226 across the side of the gunman’s head.  Marie gasped.  The eyes of the others went wide.

“Don’t be so sure,” said Cameron.  The giant gunman dropped to his knees.  Cameron grabbed the gunman’s jacket by the back of his collar, “Get back on your feet.  You’re going to lead us out of here.”

The gunman lumbered back to his feet.  “Sure, I’ll lead you.  But I’ll be leading you to your grave.”

“Move,” said Cameron as he pushed the gunman around to face the dining room door.

“Mister Kincaid,” asked Marie, “What is the plan?”

“The plan is to waltz out of here and keep going.”

When they entered the dining room, all eyes were upon them.  Those near them stared in silence while others in the benches whispered amongst themselves.  Cameron pushed the gunman forward, shielding his gun inside his jacket.  He turned his head slightly back to the others following him.  In a low voice Cameron said, “Let’s keep moving as fast as we can.”

The faces at the tables blurred, the eyes all the same, deep and wide.  Cameron scanned the street outside the front of the restaurant.  Through the glass wall, he could easily see the same two gunmen standing by the driver’s doors of the two black SUV’s.  The gunmen were looking up and down Yonge Street and not directly at The Lotus Flower.

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