Chapter 28



“We’ll need to make this quick,” said Cameron.  “We only get to do this once.”

“Prepare to die,” said Cameron’s hostage.

Cameron saw a reflection on the glass wall of two men getting up from a table behind him.

Cameron did not hesitate to spin and crack off two shots from his P226.  The two men, guns drawn, peered at Cameron with surprise, dark red holes dotting their foreheads.  Cameron knew that at least one gunman would be seeded amongst the tourists in the dining room.  There had been two.

Cameron’s hostage was slack jawed.  Cameron pushed the giant into the glass door, drew the P226 high, and reached for the .357 tucked into his belt.  Caught off guard, the gunmen raised their assault weapons.  Cameron pointed the handguns to either side of his hostage’s head, “Drop them, or your guy gets it first.”

Unfazed by Cameron’s request the gunmen directed their automatic rifles in his direction.

The giant hostage raised his hands and screamed at his colleagues, “Don’t shoot you idiots!”  That was the last thing he said before both gunmen opened up on him.  With anticipation and without hesitation, Cameron dropped the barrels from the head of the hostage to the gunmen now firing in his direction.  He squeezed both triggers, targeting the bridge of the gunmen’s sunglasses.  The two gunmen fell to their knees at the same time as the hostage they shot.  All three were dead.  Before the gunmen were flat on the ground Cameron had his hand on the driver’s door of the front Escalade.

Behind Cameron, the others were clustered inside the door of the restaurant.  Cameron waved his free arm back at them, “Let’s go!”  Nicole and Marie carried Lady Mani out of the restaurant while Lady Yada and Ananda held open the heavy door.  All five scurried toward the Escalade.  Cameron pulled the driver’s door open and pointed the P226 inside.  The Escalade was empty and the keys were in the ignition.

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