Chapter 28



The others crossed the sidewalk to the Escalade huddled in a group.

“Every one climb in the back,” said Cameron.  He stuck the .357 back into his belt, and reached to pull the back door open.

Nicole was first to climb in.  Cameron kept the P226 pointed toward the restaurant.  He briefly looked away from the Lotus Flower to see Marie and Lady Yada outside of the Escalade helping Lady Mani up into the seat.  Then Cameron noticed for the first time that there was someone in the front passenger seat of the second Escalade parked behind them.  The tinted side windows had prevented Cameron from seeing inside the SUV before, the windshield however was clear.

“That son of a bitch,” said Cameron.

Marie quickly turned her head to Cameron, “What?”

When Cameron did not answer, Marie searched the direction of his gaze.  In the front seat of the second Escalade sat Christophe, the waiter from the CN tower.  Christophe had given them the symbol they needed to find the Perfect and then he had betrayed them.

Christophe’s eyes were on Cameron and Marie.  He had watched them flee the Lotus Flower and now was shocked to see them looking back at him.

“Watch out,” said Cameron.  He swung the P226 from the direction of the restaurant over Marie’s head toward Christophe.  Christophe’s eyes widened and Cameron’s lip curled.  Before Cameron could squeeze the trigger three shots rapidly cracked out, coupled with two tinny thuds and a wet thwack near his head.  He shifted to see into the Escalade.  Nicole was covered in blood, Lady Mani face forward on her lap.  Cameron swung his gun back toward the restaurant.  No one was there.  Another automated burst of gunfire shot down on them and this time Cameron was able to determine that the shots were coming from the second floor.  He spun his body around, pulling the .357 out and up with the P226 so that both hands could lock loaded onto the window where the gunman that had fired the rounds was leaning out over the sill.  Cameron shot twice, hitting the gunman at least once.  Marie slammed the back door and screamed to him, “Mister Kincaid, drive, drive!”  Still looking up, gun pointed high, he pulled himself into the driver’s seat.  Another gunman pulled the first out of the window and started to lean out.  Cameron got two more shots in the direction of the window before turning the key and slamming the truck into gear.  He swung his door shut as the Escalade sped away from the restaurant and looked back through the side mirror.  Crumpled and frail on the curb were Lady Mani, Lady Yada, and Ananda, freed from their last lives in this realm.

* * * * *

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