Chapter 29



After the initial shots rained down from above The Lotus Flower no more followed the black Escalade up Yonge Street, no more gunmen ran out from the crowded restaurant, and the second Escalade, with Christophe in the passenger seat looking on in disbelief, did not pursue Cameron and the women.

Inside the traveling Escalade fast prayers flowed from the back seat in whispers, some words decipherable and others not.  The other cars moved slowly or not at all as Cameron maneuvered the Escalade passed them.  He could hear his heartbeat thumping in his ear and his breathes filled his lungs deeply with sweet air tainted with the fruity scent of the air freshener.  A few blocks up, after repeatedly cycling through the side and rearview mirrors, Cameron turned left toward Trinity College.  When they reached the parking lot Cameron pulled into the space next to where he had parked the old Chevy.

Cameron exited the Escalade, P226 in hand.  He turned quickly in a circle scanning the parking lot around them and the peripheral buildings.  Cameron then pulled the handle of the back door.  A jolt shot up his arm when the door did not budge taking his focus from the parking lot to the Escalade.  The tinted window blocked his view of the back seat.  As he pulled again on the handle, he heard the locking mechanisms switching on and off.  Marie was manually unlocking the door, which had automatically locked when they sped from the restaurant.

Cameron turned back toward the parking lot and scanned again while Marie and Nicole climbed out of the Escalade behind him.  Satisfied that for the time being they were safe, Cameron reached back into the front of the Escalade, took the .357 from the passenger seat where the gun had been tossed.  He then tucked both the .357 and the P226 into his waistline, the P226 in the small of his back and the .357 in the front under his flat stomach.

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