Chapter 29



“Into the car,” said Cameron.  “We have to be quick.”

“Agreed,” said Marie.

“Why did we stop?” asked Nicole, “Why do we not keep this car?”

“Satellite navigation, one phone call and they have our location instantly, or shut us down for that matter.”

“What is shut us down?”

“The Escalade can be turned off remotely by the satellite system.  It’s an anti-theft thing.”

“Wondrous,” said Nicole.

The three opened the doors to the Chevy and climbed in.  “Do they not know this car as well?” asked Nicole as she shut the door to the back seat.

“I’m sure they do.  We have a better chance with old tech though,” Cameron tapped the dashboard.  Cameron had thought that through already and was impressed that Nicole had made the connection.  Christophe must have identified the Chevy back at the tower and followed them to the restaurant.  He was confident the Rex Mundi was so sure their ambush would be sufficient in accomplishing their mission that they arrogantly did not bother leaving anyone behind to guard the Chevy.  Contrarily Christophe may have followed them alone to the restaurant before alerting his comrades.  Either way the Chevy was free and clear, providing they leave now.

“We can hit 401 north of here,” said Cameron.  “Do we have a destination in mind?”

“Quebec,” said Nicole.

“Quebec, really?”

Marie answered for Nicole, “There are others there that will help us and can transport Nicole to the safety of the Nova Scotia countryside where she will be guarded by the brotherhood.”

“The brotherhood, what do you mean?  A fellowship of Cathari?”

“Not exactly.  These men are chevaliers like you Mister Kincaid.  Knights whose order has been caretakers of the treasure in times of strife for 800 years.”

Cameron began cycling through the mirrors again, tapping on the steering wheel with the ends of his fingers while he did.  “Knights, brotherhoods, others that can help.  I have to say that my experience over the last few days has me less than drawn in.”

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