Chapter 29



Nicole continued her prayers in the back seat.

Marie’s voice was calm, “I am sorry, Mister Kincaid.  Truly.  We could not foresee all that would happen on this journey.  There was no way for us to know that the paths of the Parfaits would end that way.  You have to believe though…”

“I don’t have to believe anything,” Cameron interrupted.  “The others that were to help you have all ended up dead or gone, including those sweet old people we left on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.”

Marie stayed silent only for a moment and then continued with no difference in her tone, “You have to understand then.”  On hearing this, Cameron’s lips drew tight and he felt his teeth sliding across each other.  Seeing Cameron relent, or at least listening, Marie repeated herself, “You have to understand, that though the details of our journey still remain a mystery to Nicole and myself, the path is foretold as it has been for others since the time of Christ.  What you see as tragedy the Holy Spirit has determined.  The Parfaits were pure and left the husks that housed them to return to the realm of our Lord.  Nicole will get to the end of this journey and when her time comes, she will leave this realm for the next as well.”

“Even now, after all of this, you still think so?”  Cameron wiped the moisture from under his nose and then pulled his hand away, expecting to see blood.  There was none.

“Even more now Mister Kincaid.  We did not truly know that you were chosen as our protector, until now.”

“In for a penny, in for a pound,” Cameron said in a lighter voice.

“Excuse me, Mister Kincaid.”

“Oh something my Grandmother used to say.  Listen, I gave you my word I would see you safe, and though this is more than I bargained for, I will see it through.  Quebec it is.  We’ll stop at the cabin again on the way through and get some rest.  Does that sound ok with you?”

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