Chapter 30


Lake Ontario
The prayers continued as the Chevy drove back up the lakeside.  Cameron listened to the rise and fall of Nicole’s whispers, oddly harmonious with the drone of the roadway.  Hours had passed before Cameron realized that he was not sure how far they had come.  The adrenalin from earlier combined with the trancelike serenity of the long drive had held him in a state of vacuity.  With the adrenalin finally spent, he was suddenly aware of the force of cool air blasting from the vents across his chin and that his cheek was almost numb with cold.  He reached over to the culprit vent between the dashboard and the window and flipped the fins so that the air was no longer blowing in the direction of his face and then pulled his hand up to the bridge of his nose to lightly and quickly massage his eyes beneath their lids.  He may as well have been sleeping since they left Toronto and, thinking that was not all too safe, decided that they should pull over soon so that they could stretch their legs.Cameron took the next exit and drove the Chevy into the parking lot of a grocery store.  Marie was sleeping and Cameron thought she needed the rest.  In the rearview mirror he could see Nicole sitting with her back upright and her eyes closed chanting a prayer in the same rise and fall of whispers that she had since they drove out of Toronto.  There was no point in Cameron asking her to join him in the market, as he was pretty sure she was not even aware the Chevy had stopped.  He reasoned that if she wanted to stretch her legs she would and proceeded to open his door and get out of the car.

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