Chapter 30



When Cameron stood, he instinctively wanted to stretch.  As soon as his brain sent signals through his body to do so, his body responded with a thousand messages from his extremities to let him know that a long time had passed since he was a practicing commando.  Stopping to stretch had been a good idea, getting a run in later may be an even better one.

In the market Cameron found what he was looking for, a fresh Lake Ontario Brown Trout, the size of his thigh, with brilliant yellow lined black speckles on a field of orange.  Marie and Nicole said they ate fish, this Brownie would do fine for dinner.  For vegetarian cuisine, Cameron picked out some asparagus and ginger root and the makings for pesto stuffed mushrooms.  Along with a raid of Pepe’s wine, he had the makings of a fine dinner that could easily put this insane day behind them.

When Cameron walked out of the market the dusk of the sky had shifted to night.  Marie was still sleeping, Nicole was still praying, and the cabin was close.

* * * * *

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