Chapter 31


Lake Ontario

The Chevy’s headlights lit the back wall of the cabin, as they had when they passed through on their way to Toronto.  When the ignition switched off the sudden silence consumed Cameron.  Nicole had stopped praying and had been staring out at the darkness for some time.  In the silence, the cabin was stuck out of time.  All that had happened since they left the lakeshore this morning did not affect the cabin timbers in front of them or the trees by their sides.  Even the one sound that came when Cameron opened the Chevy door, the crashing of the waves against the stone laden break wall that shot out from the shore, was the same as when he had closed the door mere hours before.  The waves were the same rhythm, the same tempo.  The waves roll in, the waves roll out.

Cameron swung his leg out of the door and on to the ground.  Nicole was getting out of the back seat.  He turned his head back to Marie.  Marie’s face and blouse were a shade of amber under the tarnished dome light.  She was still sleeping.  Why not, this had been a long day if ever there was one.  Cameron reached up and rubbed her shoulder, “Hey there, wakey-wakey, we’re back at the cabin.”  Marie did not stir.  Cameron turned his head to Nicole in the back seat, still slowly getting out of her door.

“Nicole, why don’t you give it a try?” asked Cameron.

“Marie,” said Nicole in a singsong voice, “We are back at the cabin.”

Cameron walked around to the back of the car to get the groceries from the trunk.  “Mister Kincaid, you had better come here,” said Nicole, her voice now serious.  When Cameron closed the trunk, he saw that Marie’s door was open and that Nicole was standing next to her.

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