Chapter 31



“What is it?” asked Cameron as he walked around the side of the car.

Nicole stepped back and pointed at the seat.  Cameron could see a dark spot across Marie’s leg that continued down the side of the seat to the floorboard.  “Take this,” said Cameron, handing the grocery bag to Nicole.  With one arm around the front of Marie’s shoulder and his other hand on her back, Cameron gently eased her forward so that he could see her back in the light.  Nicole gasped.  Above Marie’s right kidney was a dark red hole, a bullet hole surrounded by blood, dried from bleeding out over the last few hours.  Cameron slid his arm behind her, tilted her back, and threw his other arm under her legs.

Cameron lifted Marie out of the Chevy and turned toward the cabin.

Nicole began to speak “Has she…”

“No,” said Cameron abruptly, “she has not gone on to the next life.”

Cameron carried Marie into the cabin and took her directly over to the dining table.

“What do we do Mister Kincaid?” asked Nicole.

“In the drawer, next to the sink, you’ll find some rags.  Grab them and then fill that pot on the stove with warm water.”  Cameron ripped open Marie’s blouse and pulled the fabric away from her.  In the cabin light, he could now see that she had become pale with the loss of blood.  Cameron could also see the exit wound was small and almost directly across from the entry wound.  A small exit wound was a good sign that may mean that the bullet had not fragmented and might have just passed through.  Still Marie had obviously lost a lot of blood and not mentioning the wound had put her at great risk.

Nicole brought handfuls of rags over to the table.  Cameron quickly grabbed them en masse to wipe away the dried blood from Marie’s side.

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