Chapter 32


Lake Ontario

After cleaning and dressing Marie’s wound Cameron moved her to the sofa.  He watched her breathe perchance she would awake.  She did not.  Cameron sipped his coffee.  When he bought the beans at grocery store he had thought the coffee would be a nice treat after a good night’s sleep.  He had poured several cups over the course of the evening.  There was no way for him to imagine that as Marie slept in the Chevy her life was slipping away.  How could he?  Marie had remained silent and not said a word.

Cameron could not decide if Marie’s skin color looked better, more flush.  She was still breathing though, and that was something.

Hues of fuchsia edged over the horizon.  Cameron propped a throw pillow next to Marie’s face to block the morning light soon to come.

At the end of the sofa, Nicole kneeled in meditation.  Nicole had spent the better part of the evening praying softly and had gone into a near trance an hour ago.  In the wee hours of the morning, Cameron had suggested that she eat something.  Nicole told Cameron that she had begun to fast, so he did not prepare any food for either of them.  Now Cameron wished he had.  Not because he was hungry, rather because cooking was one of the few things that distracted him.

With the sun coming up Cameron headed out into the yard.  With him, he brought the cordless phone from the cabin.

Cameron dialed Pepe’s number and Pepe answered up on the first ring.

“Cameron,” said Pepe.  “What are you doing up so early?”

Pepe’s quick response threw Cameron for a second, and then he realized that of course Pepe would recognize the number to his own cabin.

“It’s a bit much to explain,” said Cameron.  “I’m sorry if I woke you, I guess I’m preoccupied.”

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