Chapter 32



“Wake me?  I am just getting in.”

“Same ole Pepe.”

“Heh, heh.  So, what is on your mind that has you so preoccupied?  Was your rendezvous not a success?  I did not hear of any jazz bar’s exploding in Toronto last night.”

“The rendezvous was not a success, at least not the second part,” said Cameron.

“Are the women still with you?”

“Yes, we barely made it out of Toronto with our lives.  Marie still might not make it.”

“What condition is she in?” asked Pepe, his tone flat.

“A gut shot.  It looks clean through and apart from the loss of blood her color is normal.”

“Then she is lucky.  It may not be septic.  Did you find everything you need to dress the wound?”

“Yeah I found what I needed.  It’s a waiting game now.  That’s not why I’m calling though.”

“Of course not,” Pepe’s voice elevated again, “you want to finish this, eh?”

“That’s right.  I’m tired of playing defense and want the next strike.  I have a feeling I can get to them in Quebec.  Are you in?”

“I am, Viva Legionne, count me in,” said Pepe.

“Do you want to know the details?”

“Has that mattered before?  You can tell me when you see me.”

“I knew I could count on you my brother,” said Cameron, and Cameron meant what he said not only because of the shared camaraderie of the French Foreign Legion, he meant those words because he knew Pepe was a stand up man that really would not need the details until necessary.  Pepe was certainly right that the details had never mattered before, not when a brother reached out for assistance.

Cameron added, “We may need a few things –”

Pepe cut him off, “You will find everything we need behind the shed.  The key is in the kitchen.”

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