Chapter 33



Cameron cautiously descended the stairs into the cement walled bunker.

There was no odor in the dim lit cavity beneath the stairs, no smell of the damp underground, or mold of decay, still the air was off.

The lamp the door had triggered was on a metal box mounted on the wall at the bottom of the stairwell.  On the side of the box was a lever.  Cameron pulled the lever, turning off the lamp and turning on ceiling lights in the room he was standing and in the two rooms adjoining the first.  Floor to ceiling shelves stacked with dried foods, water bottles, batteries, and rice filled the room.  Through the door to the far room, Cameron could see green blanketed bunk beds, part of a bookshelf, and an elaborate radio built into a desk.  The near room held what Cameron was seeking, Pepe’s arsenal.  Everything a commando could want and more.  Against the wall was a gun cabinet.  Pressed in foam under glass were the blue metal mini assault weapons he knew as well as his own hands.  Cameron chuckled at the thought of Pepe securing the nearly impossible to get array of weapons.  He slid open the glass to take one of the guns from the foam they were seated in.  The little SG carbine felt light and natural.  The silenced MP5’s, the model Cameron was requisitioned as a commando, and SIG 552’s were contraband.  Across the side of the 552 in large white letters were the words ‘RESTRICTED FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT/GOVERNMENT USE AND/OR EXPORT ONLY’.  Wherever Pepe found these weapons, they looked authentic.  Stored next to the assault rifles were a GL 5140 grenade launcher and two trillium illuminated night sights, both illegal to possess outside of a government organization.  In the drawers, below the glass case, Cameron found cartridges, grenades and in the bottom drawer, C4 packed in neat little cakes.  He even found a case of leather sheathed Opinel penknives, the type issued by the Legion.

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