Chapter 34


Lake Ontario

When Cameron finished packing the trunk of the Chevy with the fruits of Pepe’s arsenal he sealed up the bunker and went back into the cabin by way of the lakeside deck.  The glare from the sun, now above the lake, made the inside of the windowed walled cabin hard to see.

When Cameron opened the cabin door, he perked up.  Marie was reclining on pillows and talking to Nicole.  He stepped inside the door then paused.  He started to speak and stopped himself, aware all too quickly that Marie and Nicole were not having a discussion.  Nicole was performing the consolamentum.  Marie had explained to Cameron that there were only two ways believers could receive the consolamentum.  To be deemed worthy after a long period of preparation and instruction as Nicole had or as a request on the deathbed.  Cameron knew that Marie had requested the consolamentum because she believed she was dying.

Words and actions passed in and out of Cameron’s mind without escaping his silent pose.

When Cameron heard the words, “I have this will, pray to God for me that he will give me his power,” come from Marie’s lips, he recited his part from memory to ensure the sacrament was complete.  “Good Christian,” said Cameron, “I pray you, by the love of God, that you grant this blessing, which God had given you, to our friend here present.”

Then as Nicole had the day before, Marie took her vow, “Parcite Nobis.  For all the sins, I have ever done in thought, word, and deed.  I ask pardon of God, of the Church, and of you all.”

Nicole and Cameron responded, “By God and by us and by the Church, may your sins be forgiven and we pray God to forgive you them.  Adoremus, Patrem, et Filium et Spiritum Sanctam.”

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