Chapter 34



The humble beliefs that these two women shared were not Cameron’s own, still he was compelled to speak at the completion of the ceremony perchance they were right.  He listened closer today than yesterday to the passages of the book of John as Nicole recited them.  Cameron wanted to believe, for their sakes, Marie and Nicole’s, that they were right.

* * * * * When Nicole finished the Lord’s Prayer, she shared an embrace with Marie, and then moved back to the end of the sofa to pray.

Cameron approached Marie and knelt by her side.

Marie’s forehead beaded with sweat, her mouth held the courage of a warm smile.

“Can I get you anything to eat?” asked Cameron.

“No, thank you Mister Kincaid,” said Marie, her voice soft and weak.

“Its Cameron, Marie, Mister Kincaid is not necessary.  Let me get you something, please.  Some food will build up your strength.”

“Cameron,” said Marie.  He smiled when she called him by his first name.  “You know I will not be getting any stronger.  I have begun the endura.  I will no longer eat or drink.  The fasting will speed my departure to heaven.”

Cameron’s brow furrowed and he inhaled deeply through his nose.  Marie continued, “It’s really quite alright.  Nicole has prepared me and I am now one with the Holy Spirit.”

Cameron leaned forward to kiss her forehead, “You must not kiss me.  I must remain pure.”

“Will you become a Perfect now?” asked Cameron.

“I am going to die, but now that I am truly pure, I will be able to go to heaven.”

The two looked at each other for a long moment.  Finally Marie said, “You know, Monsieur Claude was right.”

“How’s that?”

“There is something about you, a je ne sais quoi that has led to a charmed life.”

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