Chapter 34



They both chuckled lightly.  “I don’t feel very charmed right now,” said Cameron.

“But you are.  You are the chevalier that has been chosen to protect the treasure.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“Nicole is the treasure you must protect.  You must protect her and deliver her to safety.”

“You mean because only she has knowledge of the treasure?”

“No Cameron, I am telling you that Nicole is the treasure you must protect.”

“I don’t understand, you said there were other Perfects.”

“This is true, but Nicole is very special to us.”

“How so?”

“Remember, if a Perfect loses austerity, even in the slightest, if they should eat meat or willfully kiss, then they lose the power of the sacrament.  More so, all of those that have received the consolamentum along the line of that Perfect also lose the power of the sacrament.  Nicole will continue a line that we know to be pure and uncorrupted, all the way back to our Lord Jesus.  She is special to us because only with the sacrament can we escape the cycle of rebirth in this physical realm and return to heaven from which we all came.  She is our salvation.”

“The salvation of the Cathar?”

“Not only the Cathar, for all people, for you.  Salvation is not in this world, not in simple belief, not in the walls of a church.  The gift of the Holy Spirit Nicole carries is all that is needed to bring peace to all mankind, to end the cycle of suffering of this world.  To deliver all of God’s children from the trickery of this world to their rightful place in heaven.”

“So she is the treasure that the Rex Mundi are after?  The treasure they think will change the world?” asked Cameron.

“She carries with her our only sacrament.  When the time is right, the Cathar will again spread the true religion.  People will learn that the material world is false, that the churches, mosques, synagogues are all merely manifestations of the material world.  The great lie.  When people learn that the Holy Spirit is easily attained with pure living, and that there is no reason for fear or wealth and that there is a way to be freed from this world, from this cycle, that will change the world.”

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