Chapter 34



“That’s a lot to take in.  I thought the treasure was a cavern of gold and jewels or some secret royal bloodline.”

“Salvation is the treasure the Rex Mundi fear.  The gold and bloodline are of their world, things they can manipulate and control.  The truth will always be the truth, so for them it must be kept secret and ultimately destroyed.”  Marie looked down at Nicole at the end of the sofa.  “Nicole dear.  Come here,” said Marie.

Nicole stopped her prayer and came closer to Marie.

Marie reached her hands around to the back of her head.  The emerald pendant slid up her neck as she teased the ends of the necklace.  Marie’s eyes squinted and she let out a sigh.

“Let me help you,” said Nicole, and she reached behind Marie’s neck to unfasten the clasp.  After Nicole separated the clasp, she put the necklace into Marie’s hands and gently closed Marie’s hands around the pendant.  Nicole rested her own hands on the edge of the sofa.  Marie lifted the pendant and reached around Nicole’s neck.  Marie’s hands fumbled again and as the two shared a smile.  Nicole reached up to refasten the clasp.

Cameron wanted to ask why the necklace was so important.  Marie had impressed upon him the Cathar’s view of the physical, the essence of which that the physical is a lie and has no value or spiritual worth.  Yet, the look in Marie’s eyes as she bestowed the pendant to Nicole signified that there was something special about the necklace.  Cameron decided not to beat upon the obvious negation.  The belief Marie and Nicole had in the physical realm was not Cameron’s own, or even his business.

* * * * *

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