Chapter 35



Though they said nothing, Cameron knew that somebody had answered because of the click.  Cameron said the two words Marie had given him to make contact, “White swan.”

Cameron was curious to see if he would even get a response or if the phone would go dead.

“Hello,” came a voice on the other end of the line.  Cameron knew the voice on the line, though he was unsure of the meaning of Christophe answering the phone.

“Hello,” said Cameron.

“There is nowhere to go.  Nowhere safe at least and you’re a fool if you think so.”

“Is that so?”

“Really, you have to ask.  I would have thought that by now you would have abandoned those witches.”

Christophe had said witches, plural, that told Cameron that the Rex Mundi was unaware that Marie had been wounded, that Marie had died.  “I can honestly say that the thought has crossed my mind,” said Cameron.

“You know you can still walk away.  We only want the young woman.”

“And why is that?”

“She is dangerous.  Mostly to you right now,” said Christophe.

“Thank you for your deep concern for my well being.”

“Listen, we could care less what you do after you hand over the young woman.  We will not follow you.  We will even make it worth your while, and then, you will be done, your hands free.”

“How much do you figure the young woman is worth?” asked Cameron.

“Bring us the young woman and we will give you five hundred thousand dollars.”

“Woo, that might make it worth my while.  I bet you fellas have deeper pockets than that.  Let’s make it an even million.  Whadda you say?” asked Cameron.  He expected Christophe to argue.  Christophe did not, rather he answered without hesitation.

“A million it is,” said Christophe.

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