Chapter 35



“And all I have to do is hand over the young woman.”

“That’s right, all you have to do is hand over the young woman.  We don’t even care about the other one.  We only want the young one.”

“Fine,” said Cameron.  “Where can we make the switch?”

Cameron could hear Christophe talking to someone else, another man, as clear as if that person were on the phone as well.  Though Christophe had not hesitated at the price, he was caught off guard at Cameron’s acceptance.

“You are in Quebec?” asked Christophe.  That was another good sign.  The operatives did not know where Cameron was.

“Where do you want to do the exchange?  It will need to be someplace public.”

“Public, of course,” said Christophe.  “You know the Notre Dame de Cathedral?”

“Yes I know where that is.”

“Good.  Be there tomorrow at noon.”

“Noon tomorrow, got it.”

“And Mister Kincaid.”

“Yes,” said Cameron.  He thought Christophe might have heard Marie or Nicole call him by that name at the restaurant, so much for anonymity.

“If you have a change of heart, may I remind you once again, there is nowhere to run.”

“Oh, my mind is decided,” said Cameron.  “Don’t worry yourself about that.”  Cameron pulled the cell phone from his ear and hit the end call button.

“What are you doing?” asked Nicole.  “I cannot believe you plan to betray us, I mean, Marie would be so upset.”  Nicole turned her head to look out her window.

“You are right not to believe that I would betray you.  I won’t.  I will do what I need to do to draw them out though.  They’re so predictable.  We’ll use that to our advantage.”

“What do you mean predictable?” asked Nicole.

Cameron turned toward her and arched his brow.  “Really?” said Cameron.  Since Nicole became a Perfect in Toronto she had been praying constantly and only drinking water for nourishment.  Cameron thought that Nicole might be in shock.

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