Chapter 35



“Yes, really.  What is predictable that we can use?”

Cameron was looking back to the road.  “What I mean by predictable is that these Rex Mundi have been around every corner we have turned.”  His hand, still squeezing the cell phone, tapped some invisible object above the dashboard.  “Predictable is that when I called that number Marie gave me, a number by the way that was supposed to be to a safe house in Quebec, it was not one of the good guys that answered the phone.”  Cameron flashed his eyes away from the road to Nicole, “Christophe answered the phone.  Christophe, who only two days ago, mind you, was outside the Lotus Flower in Toronto, is now already in Quebec.”


“In Quebec, Nicole.  He could have been in any city in North America, or any of the other safe houses.  He wasn’t, he was in Quebec.  The Rex Mundi did not only know about the safe house.”  Cameron let the next word out slow and heavily enunciated, “Again.”  He flashed another look to Nicole this time with his brows arched high, “they knew that was our next destination.”

“You’re right.  That is strange.”

“Strange, yes that is a word for it, strange.  Odd might be another word, a better word might be intel, as in ‘good intel on their part’.  You said yourself they have had years to track your movements, waiting for an opportunity to strike, never giving up their hand.  That makes them predictable.  They will be where they expect us to be.  So we will not disappoint, we will go right to Quebec as planned.  They will be waiting for us and when we get there we will simply deal with them, and then be on our way.”  Cameron turned his head one last time and winked.

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