Chapter 36



Drops of rain blotted out the windshield as fast as the wipers cleared the glass.  Cameron’s eyes had become sore over the last hour.  The pounding patter of the rain abruptly stopped as the Chevy drove under the roof of the gas station.  Rather than stop first at the gas pumps, Cameron pulled the Chevy into a parking space near the doors of the mini-mart.  Cameron rolled the window down flooding the car with the cool damp of rain and gas fumes.  Nicole could not make out the figure that walked over to Cameron’s window.  He moved to quickly.  Still Nicole knew the man before he spoke.

Pepe leaned into the window, his portly face filling the frame, “Bonne journée, mes amis, demoiselle, Kincaid.”  He looked over Cameron’s shoulder to the back seat, “Dame Marie?”  Cameron subtly shook his head without turning toward Nicole.  Pepe frowned and then let his smile return.  He held his hands up to the window, each held a coffee.  “One for each of you,” said Pepe.  He looked passed them to the rain falling hard beyond, “It’s a good day for hot coffee.”  Cameron took the coffees and offered one to Nicole.  “Non merci,” said Nicole.  Cameron handed the cup back to Pepe, “She’s fasting.”  Pepe took the cup, “I’m not,” said Pepe.  He shrugged and then stepped to the back door of the Chevy and got into the dry backseat.

“Excusez-moi pour un moment,” said Nicole as she opened her door.

“You ok?” asked Cameron.

“Yes, I need to…” her eyes widened round.

“– Certainly, yeah, go ahead.”

Nicole closed the door and went into the mini-mart.  Pepe leaned up to the front seat, “So demoiselle is ok?”

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