Chapter 36



“Yeah, she’s ok.  As far as she is concerned Marie is in a better place.”

“Maybe,” Pepe sighed.  “When you called you sounded optimistic for the other one.  I thought you said the wound was clean.”

“She lost too much blood,” Cameron sipped his coffee, then moved the cup in front of his mouth, and lightly blew into the opening.  “Plus she would not eat.”

“Would not eat?”

“Yeah, the endura she called it.  She had Nicole give her, well, sort of a last rite, a bit much to describe really, and then refused to eat or drink anything.  The endura is the express to heaven.”

“So it worked.”

“I guess it did.”

“So this one is religious?  Perfect.”

“In so many words.  That’s what this whole thing is about.  Marie and Nicole are Cathari, were, are, anyway, Nicole is now a Cathar holy woman.”

“Cathari?  Like those new agers in Languedoc?” asked Pepe.

“How is it everyone knows about Cathari but me?”

“What’s to know?  My cousin lives near Beziers.  There is a huge festival there every July.  Every one is Cathar for a day, wearing T-shirts that say ‘Kill them all’ and ‘Tuez-les tous’.”

“I am out of the loop.  Well, yeah, they are Cathari, but I am led to believe they are the real deal.  Old school if you will,” said Cameron.

“Here I thought all of the Cathari were wiped out in the Albigensian crusade.  Did you know that during the crusades thousands of people were killed in an attack on Beziers alone?  Indiscriminately, a tragedy.”

Cameron turned toward the back seat, “How do you know all this?”

“What?  You don’t read history?”  Pepe tapped the side of his forehead,  “That is your problem Cameron, you need to read more.”

“I guess I do.”

“So it’s about religion,” Pepe sipped his coffee and lowered his head to look out the side window.  “Are we talking terrorists?  You know after that time in Bali I am not so happy with these religious types.”

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